Peridoork: I am Peridoork, prince of Stevidot Wiki, defender of the secrets of Peridot Wikia! This is Melon Dog, my cannibalistic friend.

Melon Dog: *yawns*

Peridotic, secret powers were revealed to me the day I created a wiki and said...

¨By the power of Doritos! I have the dorito, corn chip wiki POWER!¨

Melon Dog became the mighty Horned Melon Dog! *Melon Dog is turned orange and spiky, with red armour*

And I became Peri-Man, the most powerful Peridot dork in the Peridot Wikia!

Only 3 others share this secret, our friends the Stevidot (I-Ship-Stevidot is shown in a canary suit), YAB-At-Arms (YAB is shown in an armour-esque costume), and Shadorko (Shadkp is shown in a red cloak)! Together we defend Peridot Wiki from the evil forces of Skeltontor! (A giant chicken skull and vertebrae are shown)

Battle Against Skeltontor Edit

(Skeltontor, Evil-Lucky and Asriak are shown on a mountain; thunder is heard)

Skeltontor: Looks like it´s the end of the line for you, Peri-Man!

YAB-At-Arms: We´ll never let you through, Skeltontor! Not now NOR in a million years!

Skeltontor: Wasn´t counting on it, maskophobe! Get ´em!

(Multiple Unuseders attack)

(YAB-At-Arms shoots them with lasers)

(The Stevidot teleports the Unuseders to crash into a tree)

Unuseder: (screeching) (attacks YAB-At-Arms) (is killed)

Asriak: (shoots beams at Peri-Man, who reflects them with his sword)

Asriak: (turns around and shoots beams at Skeltontor)

Skeltontor: Ow! (turns around) She-Vee?!

(She-Vee attacks Skeltontor´s staff with a sword)

Evil-Lucky: Why you little?!- I´LL KILL YOU!

(Evil-Lucky attacks She-Vee)

(Evil-Lucky´s attack is beamed back to her by Shadorko)

(Evil-Lucky is shot down)

Skeltontor: Eh?! (sees Evil-Lucky trapped, Asriak gone, and the Masters of the Peridot Wikia in victory pose.)

Skeltontor: You havent seen the last of me! You´ll pay for thi-! AH! (is attacked by Horned Melon Dog)

Horned Melon Dog: (has Skelton´s head in mouth) (buries head and vertebrae in dirt) Arf!

Cast Edit

Peridoork as Peri-Man/Peridoork

I-Ship-Stevidot as The Stevidot

The Watermelon Dog as Melon Dog/Horned Melon Dog

YourAverageBlogger as YAB-At-Arms

EeveeWonders as She-Vee

Shadkp as Shadorko

Spoopy Scawy Skeltons as Skeltontor

Lucky 2003 as Evil-Lucky

Asriel Dreemurr (Goat Boy) as Asriark

Amethyst is the Most Overrated Character in SU as Unuseder #1

These guys as the other unuseders