Welcome to the I-Ship-Stevidot Fandom, created by yours truly, I-Ship-Stevidot! Due to knowing that some people are disgusted/triggered by Stevidot, this will sadly not be 100% Stevidot.

I-Ship-Stevidot Fandom (series) Edit

This is the first 'fanshow' I've ever made, so don't pay attention to the boringness of the name. This is inspired by Paroo Fandom fanshow, which was my favorite fandom show. Like PF, it will have strange plots, some fanfusions, and questionable actions! It also shows some fluffy Stevidot moments/episodes.


Season 1 Edit

Forced Fusion

Beach City: The Series


Steven's Love Triangle Edit

Another series I will work on, SLT will focus on older Steven, who lives with an older Connie, a Peridot (who now has her limb enhancers back), Lapis, and even Blue Pearl, all who, when not with Steven, fight for Steven's affections, which sometimes gets them into strange plots that rarely make sense.


Season 1 Edit

(None yet)

Chrysoberyl's BackstoryEdit

A thingything for the back story of Chrys, why she acts the way she does, etc.


Chrysoberyl's Backstory... (Pilot)